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Veeva Vault Releases - an Introduction

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

In general, when we talk about the releases in the veeva vault ecosystem the below categories could be applicable

Release Categories


Veeva Releases

All releases delivered by Veeva on different schedules:

  • General release - significant feature enhancements & bug fixes a rollup of everything in the limited releases (slow train - updates every 4 months, Validated - Yes),

  • limited release - significant feature enhancements & bug fixes (fast train - every 3 to 5 weeks, Validated - No),

  • Maintenance release (also called hotfix) - typical small number of fixes for bugs affecting customers (weekly, Validated - Yes),

  • System maintenance - scheduled infrastructure changes (varies/on-demand, Validated - Yes)

Project Release or Business Release

Determined by the customer which includes custom business requirements or implementing or adopting the standard configurable features as minor or major releases.

Operational Release

Determined by customer which includes high priority bug fixes or enhancements.

Our services from Wolvio Solutions IT:

  • spreads across all the above 3 release categories starting from Veeva General release assessment to end-to-end Business release management and delivery of the customer specific releases.

  • manage the adoption of technical releases (briefed below) like Vault Mobile, Vault Client application and SAML SSO certificate rollover activities for the customers.

to further zoom in the Veeva managed releases technically, below information categorize the different release types

Veeva Release Type


Vault Releases

Limited release, General release, Maintenance/hotfix release, system maintenance.

Veeva Vault Mobile Releases

iOS and Android Vault Mobile application releases.

Veeva Client Application Releases

Vault File Manager (Windows), Vault Station Manager for iOS/Android, Veeva Snapapp (iOS).

SAML SSO & Spark Messaging certificate rollover

Vault is scheduled to rollover the certificate used to sign SMAL Single-Sign-on(SSO) requests and Spark messaging connections.

please read our focused post on how we manage the Veeva General Release assessment, understand the key milestones from veeva and customer perspective and our service offerings, how we are different with extramile.

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