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Veeva Vault General Release Assessment & Management

Updated: 5 days ago

What is a General Release?

  • General (formerly “slow train”) refers to a set of Vault production servers that receive software updates approximately every 4 months.

  • General releases include all product enhancements and bug fixes that have gone into limited releases since the previous general release.

  • General releases go through IQ and OQ validation prior to release.

What are the key Veeva milestones in this General release?

What are the key Customer milestones in the General release assessment?

The ExtraMile:

  • Our scope doesn't stop with the Auto On Features assessment, but we extend to review the configurable, admin checkbox, veeva support enabled features which ever could be applicable for the customer pipeline.

  • Present them to the business stakeholders on the advantages of adopting them and queue them in the customer release and ensure to implement them in the upcoming business releases.

  • This helps to keep the respective applications adopted with latest veeva features and compatible with future veeva enhancements to provide the maximum benefit for the end users and business.

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