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Unlocking Supplier Excellence with Veeva Quality Suite: A Comprehensive Implementation Guide

Updated: Mar 6


Effectively managing suppliers is an ongoing challenge for organizations striving for operational excellence. Qualifying suppliers based on stringent quality standards is pivotal for seamless collaboration and efficient operations. This article delves into the multidimensional aspects of incorporating Supplier Quality Management (SQM) features within the Veeva Quality Suite. Discover how SQM integration is pivotal for sustaining a high-performing supply chain, ensuring consistent delivery of quality products or services, and mitigating risks while optimizing efficiency.

Different Phases in SQM Implementation
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Identifying the Challenge

The supplier qualification process varies across organizations, making it challenging to maintain a centralised repository for suppliers along with critical quality processes. These processes include qualification, periodic reviews, risk-based qualification, risk mitigation, and more.

Understanding the Landscape

Understanding the current landscape of Supplier Management within the organization, including integrations and data flow, is essential for devising an effective Supplier Quality Management (SQM) solution. This comprehensive approach ensures maximum benefit and addresses business needs through innovative and simplified strategies.


Implementation of SQM

The implementation of the SQM Module within the Veeva Quality Suite leverages standard objects, lifecycle and workflows. While these provide a solid foundation, customization is often required to align with unique business processes. The SQM Module implementation involves holding supplier data, qualifying them through designated processes, conducting periodic reviews, measuring quality metrics and KPIs, and facilitating supplier audits, including tracking outcomes such as findings, corrective actions, preventive actions, and archival of records.

Key Steps in SQM Implementation
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  1. Organization Object Customization: Evaluate and customize the Organization object to efficiently hold supplier data.

  2. Qualification Process Customization: Customize the Qualification object, lifecycle, and workflow to streamline the Supplier Qualification Process.

  3. Audit Management Configuration: Adjust configurations to facilitate effective Audit Management for Suppliers.

  4. Outcome Tracking Configuration: Configure lifecycles and workflows to track audit outcomes such as Deviations, Complaints, Findings, CAPA, Extension Requests, and Effectiveness checks.

  5. Risk Related Components: Seamlessly integrate risk-related processes into the Supplier Qualification Process.

  6. Checklist Implementation: Implement checklists to facilitate efficient supplier qualification.

  7. Archival Solution: Establish a custom archival solution for the proper archival of suppliers and related records.

  8. Periodic Review: Establishing a periodic review process to maintain the compliance and qualification of Supplier records throughout the lifespan

  9. Security: Security plays a crucial role as some of the Supplier Related data will be sensitive and confidential and should be accessible only for appropriate personnels.

  10. Extraction of Supplier Data from Vault: With the help of document templates and formatted outputs the supplier data can be extracted in a standard pre-defined format

  11. KPI Metrics: Measure the KPI Metrics of Supplier Qualification through Reports and Dashboards

Migrating Data and Integration

Post-implementation, data migration from legacy systems is a critical aspect. This step ensures a smooth transition and continuity within the Veeva Quality Suite. Additionally, considering the integration of supplier data with non-vault/vault systems enhances the reuse of supplier data across various platforms.


Benefits of Implementation

The successful implementation yields a unified supplier record maintenance system, combining quality and compliance efforts. Enjoy benefits such as data integrity, a single source of truth, and a simplified process that enhances overall operational efficiency.



The implementation of SQM for an organization needs end-to-end analysis with carful considerations about the existing landscape and the futuristic landscape of the organization. Our expert team specializes in implementing tailor-made SQM solutions that fit your organization's needs and processes

Unleash the complete capabilities of the Veeva Vault Quality Suite through our customized implementation services and discover how our proficiency can enhance your operational efficiency

Engage with our specialists for personalized advice and solutions crafted to align with your organization's objectives, guaranteeing excellence in Quality, Compliance, and Efficiency across your processes. 

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