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Beyond Standard: Wolvio Solutions' Comprehensive Approach to PromoMats 1.0 Implementation

Alright, so typically Veeva takes the lead on the initial 1.0 Veeva Vault implementation for most of their customers. However, here at Wolvio Solutions, our expert team had the chance to handle the entire PromoMats implementation process. From the initial planning stages to production deployment and hypercare, we took care of it all. It was an exciting opportunity to fully engage with the implementation process and ensure everything was seamlessly integrated for our customers.

Let's explore Wolvio Solutions' approach to achieve a smoother 1.0 Implementation of Veeva Vault PromoMats in this article.


Customer Objectives
To implement Veeva Vault PromoMats to streamline their promotional materials management processes, improve compliance, collaboration, and efficiency, and ultimately enhance their marketing efforts in the highly regulated pharmaceutical and life sciences industry
Certainly they don't need an Minimum-Viable-Product (MVP) but a Fully-Featured-Product (FFP) Implementation

So, how did we plan further?
Implementation Phases
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Through meticulous planning, Wolvio Solutions establishes a solid foundation for successful implementation. This planning phase encompasses understanding the custom business requirements, carefully allocating resources, configuring the environment, and securing the necessary licenses for effective environment management.


Requirement Gathering

Wolvio Solutions fosters a collaborative development process by bridging the gap between requirement gathering and development.

  • We kick-started with interactive workshops, gathering valuable insights from stakeholders, and ensuring clear and well-defined requirements.

  • Our experts then empowered informed decision-making by incorporating Proof of Concept demos, ultimately leading to a more agile approach where the business could conclude their needs better.


Development - Build on Out-Of-The-Box Vault PromoMats Sandbox

Our forte lies in translating customer requirements into functional solutions using an agile approach.

  • We adhere to a meticulous process, commencing with thorough requirement gathering and transitioning into iterative development within a secure development sandbox environment.

  • This methodology ensures flexibility, swift feedback loops, and strict adherence to customer needs.

  • Each iteration undergoes rigorous unit testing, followed by the seamless integration of essential workflows such as MLR Reviews, Coordinator Review, Material Owner Review, Production Proofing, Submission to HA, and Digital Asset Management (DAM) approvals.

  • Our experts prioritize secure development practices, ensuring appropriate access control measures are in place.

In summary, our comprehensive approach ensures that all facets of customer requirements are meticulously addressed, delivering solutions perfectly aligned with the business needs.


Informal Validation

We prioritize thorough Iterative validation throughout the development process.

Two key validation stages ensure our solution meets customer business needs:

  • Informal Business Validation: Following each development iteration, business stakeholders rigorously test the solution from a functional perspective and record their feedback.

  • Technical Validation: Our experts conduct additional informal technical testing to guarantee the solution's usability and performance.

Identified issues are addressed promptly, and the solution is retested to ensure the fix is successful thus greatly reducing issues & time even before we enter formal deployment and validation.


Pre-PROD Deployment

After successful informal testing, We ensure a smooth deployment process:

  • Deployment to Pre-Production: Changes are deployed to the pre-production (pre-prod) vault, which resides within the customer production domain.

  • Vault Comparison: We utilize the standard Vault Compare report capabilities to identify any discrepancies between the development (DEV) and pre-prod vaults, ensuring a clean deployment.

  • Change Control Adherence: We stringently adhere to the customer's established quality control (Q&C) change control procedures, guaranteeing a compliant and controlled deployment.


Formal Validation

Upon successful pre-production deployment, formal validation is conducted to guarantee the solution functions as intended.

  • This controlled environment testing includes System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify technical and functional aspects.

  • Our Implementation team actively supports the customer throughout this process, ensuring a smooth and successful validation.

Commitment to Quality: We adhere to established testing protocols throughout the validation process, guaranteeing a high-quality solution.



After successful formal validation and sign-off, Obtained a "Go" from Go/No-Go stakeholder call:

  • Our Implementation team efficiently migrates the PREPROD vault to the PRODUCTION vault and follows the IQ/OQ process to validate the Go-Live.

  • This ensures a seamless transition, with all configurations readily available for immediate use.


We then focus on a smooth user onboarding experience by providing:

  1. Security Matrix: This document outlines the customer security, user types and roles, accessible throughout the application lifecycle for ongoing reference.

  2. User Setup Guide: This comprehensive guide offers step-by-step instructions for user creation post-hypercare and go-live phases.

  3. Updated Process Flow Diagrams: These visual aids provide clear insight into the configured workflows, ensuring users possess all necessary system information.



Following successful production deployment and Go-Live, a hypercare period of a minimum of two weeks ensures user queries and issues receive prioritized attention. This period facilitates a smooth user experience by minimizing disruptions and promoting efficient system adoption.

Governance and cadence were established during this phase to:

  1. Expedite hypercare fix and priority deployments to production: Streamlining the process through clear decision-making channels.

  2. Optimize communication and issue resolution: Ensuring swift response and resolution of user queries and potential issues.  

Customer Benefits
  1. Not an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) but a Fully-Featured-Product Implementation

  2. Reduced Implementation Cost & Time

  3. Increased collaboration and transparency

  4. Minimize disruptions and ensure a smoother transition

  5. Knowledge Retention


Wolvio Solutions goes beyond the standard implementation approach by completely owning the PromoMats project, from planning to hypercare. This comprehensive strategy ensures a smooth and efficient process, resulting in a solution that perfectly aligns with customer business needs.

Our collaborative approach, combined with robust validation and user-centric onboarding, guarantees a successful implementation that empowers your team to leverage PromoMats effectively.
By choosing Wolvio Solutions, you gain a trusted partner dedicated to exceeding expectations and delivering exceptional value.


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