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‌Deep Dive: Case Study – PromoMats

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Problem Statement: ‌‌Maintaining a separate Digital Asset Management system can be expensive, complex, difficult to main and a risk of non-complaint content to be reused.

  • Accessing Brand Materials should be easy and convenient for users. However, the legacy systems weren't easy to use and time consuming to search and locate right material.

  • On the other hand, claims management was manual and it led to both effort and time consuming.

Solution: ‌Enabling PromoMats DAM functionalities provided an easy, simply, intuitive interface which helped Brand Managers to organize and promote digital content with ease.

  • Adopted Claims Management and Document Workflow (Multi-Doc) framework and transformed legacy workflows to be in line with product updates.

Key Implementation by our Experts: (not limited to the below)

  • MLR Review & Approval: MLR Review and Regulatory Submission workflow enhancements to allow different countries contents to follow it's standard process with in it's regulations.

  • Brand Portal Implementation: Adoption of Brand Portals to promote content reusability which saves time and money. Simple and ease of use UI allows Brand managers to locate content easily.

  • Automated Claims Management: Enablement of Auto-Claims linking feature to help reduce manual reference linking errors.

  • CLM & Approved Email: Establishing the integration between Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM for seamless transfer of CLM and Approved Email contents.

  • Brand Portal Content Migration: Migration of small and large size composite files which are essential for reusing assets across different countries for promotional purposes.

  • Digital Publishing: Allowed customers to publish their commercial contents through their website via Veeva generated URL which can be accessible by users without having access to Veeva Vault. Contents published on the website remained synchronized at all times which reduced the manual effort to publish same content at multiple places.

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